1st Place

Woolly Mammoth Tusk


Incredible Specimen" Best ever seen"  our 10 Ft  142 lbs Woolly Mammoth Ivory Tusk  over 50,000 yrs old 

This could easily appraise over  $225,000 Whether looking for a tax write off, Bragging rights for your Favorite Museum, or perfect for your Corporate Office. We are asking $175,000 or best offer.

2nd Place



What a Cherry! This beautiful Multi Colored Woolly Mammoth Ivory Tusk  6 ft  44 lbs on special unique poly stand over 50,000 yrs old.  We are asking $150,000 or Best Offer

3rd Place


 Beautiful Polished Woolly Mammoth Ivory Tusk 5 ft  40 lbs perfect for Scrimshaw , carving, or used for Educational Tusk for museum.Asking $60,000 

Special Combo Deal


 Want the whole collection only $299,000 takes all three  serious write off if Donated to a Museum.

Fourth Place


 Want Fine Art  From Contemporary Realist Estelle Laibson to fill your Home , Office , Corporate Office , Church or Music Hall

Los Angelos ( the Angels) Two huge painting combine 6 Ft across and 4; 10 ' high  Asking $100,000

Fifth Place


 Viscaya  -  This painting is the Greek Statuesque 2 part painting , perfect for your corporate logo. Asking $25,000 

Sixth Place


 Marilyn Monroe      asking  $25,000 

Seventh Place


 Einstein                 asking  $20,000 

Eighth Place


President Abraham Lincoln asking $11,000 

Ninth Place


 Fredrick Douglas  asking $10,000 

Tenth Place


 Our Beloved First Lady Melania Trump from the Iconic 30 + series "We are all People of Color"  A signed by the Artist Canvas print. by Contemporary Realist Estelle Laibson   Only $799 

Patriots of the Film


  Episodes 1 - 4 updated using Smartdrive Technology 

Including Limited Edition "Keep  America Great' USB Hat 

Your given Credit as Patriots of the Film on The Wall seen in the Video area below the Film  Only $150 for a Limited time.

Club Member


 The Competitor   Part. 1 - Fight the Good Fight  with Limited Collectible Custom" Keep America Great" USB Hat 

Only $50 includes Free shipping for a Limited time. includes the news and up to date Articles and newest videos, Social Media , Polling and the Store  Incredible Bargain  Please help us sell 4500 for the 45th President , this is a Limited Collectible Edition.

Friends Of The Competitor


 The Competitor A Veterans Perspective T- Shirt     only  $35