About Us





EDUentertain,Inc. has been in business since 1998 with A+BBB, 805 credit rating, as SDVOSB Service Disabled Veterans Owned Small Business , to create 1000’s of jobs for our Veterans by bidding on government contracts as well as create and market our USB technology using Smartdrive as in our Living Documentary “The Competitor A Veterans Perspective”.

As put in our Business card of the Future – EDUniques. Using Smartdrive USB Technology along with our Seattle Tech partner, we also market our Business Card of the Future  including Estelle’s Fine Art with her Iconic 30+ series “We are All People of Color”, as well working to become Licensed Merchandise as well as election promotion fundraising using this product. Other projects, working to create non fossil fuel Biodegradable plastics to sell to those banning plastic straws, bags, pill bottles, etc.

Irvin R. Laibson is working as Executive Producer /Consultant for new division EDUentertain Media Group to create Documentaries and creation of programming for Fox Nation, FNC, FBC and the GOP.  Working other projects to create tremendous gross sales & company worth and high stock value.  Our members consist of David Flinker Disabled Air Force President, Scott Copeland V.P., Sean Gomez Special Forces Veteran to become our next CEO, Irvin R. Laibson to create and run EDUentertain Media Group, JoAnn Smith Consultant, for a start. We look forward to serving our Veterans for the next 23 years and into the Future.

 Kiumars Kiani, our new team member was born in Iran in 1971. He moved to America in 2000 due to his political activism, he then started his own Radio and TV shows known as the "The Echo" as an independent producer for about 10 years at Media Bridges. He Co produced his first short which was called the " Dreamland" with Mark Sweeney in Cincinnati. He then Co produced "The Cincinnati Beer Story" in 2012 with the executive producer Mark Sweeney.  Recently he also worked as a technical director of  our documentary, " The Competitor" . We would like to welcome him as our new Director of Multimedia Division and co producer of our future projects and movies.